2018 Texas Democratic Convention at Fort Worth Convention Center

A thread on what I’m learning at the 2018 Texas Democratic Convention.

In March, after the Parkland shooting, I decided I had to do more, I had to get more involved. But I didn’t know how. So as not to feel overwhelmed, my political emails are filtered out of my inbox and into a particular folder that I read periodically, but I happened to see one about my district convention. It also included an encouragement to sign up to be a state delegate if interested **even if you couldn’t make the district convention**. The only requirement was that you voted in the primary. That’s it. So I went. And I listened. And I got a feel for how it generally works.

These political parties, at least the Dems anyway, are not monolithic entities carved in stone. They are living, breathing organizations. Their rules are reviewed and amended at these conventions (which happen every two years). Resolutions are drafted to take up to the next level convention. This is democracy in action. So I became a state delegate just by saying I would (I didn’t even have to show up, but I did). Now I’m at the state convention and listening and learning.

After picking up my delegate badge, the first part of today is caucusing. A caucus is similar to a precinct or district, except that you opt in to it as opposed to being a part of it by virtue of geography. Just ask to join one. Then you get to vote on who you support and what resolutions you want to support as a group. Or, if you’re not a member (yet), you can go and listen and learn.

Later today is the general session and then district caucusing. If you have a question, ask and I’ll see if I can find the answer. Things have to change. They HAVE to. If you’re not thrilled about what the party you most align with ideologically is doing or who they’re putting forward. Get. Involved.

Running for office takes money. Participation is free. Voting is free.

Edited to add: Districts meet frequently (monthly? I have to check) to discuss bills, resolutions and other actions that you can do to contribute and work on to make the changes you want to see. Also, sign up to speak at hearings from school board to city council to state committee hearings.

Speak. Up. It’s SO important. For every person that speaks up, the representatives understand it to mean many more feel the same way (I have heard on the order of 200, but again, I need to check).