Improvements for Antoine Approved WITHOUT Widening

How do you put rallied a community to ensure municipal projects met the best interests of a community on a resume? 

Because I just found out my efforts (of almost 10 years) to prevent a local road from being detrimentally widened have one small hurdle to clear before they pay off. 

Since 2014 I have worked with many community leaders to prevent Antoine from being widened to six lanes. Every time a neighborhood has a local road widened, it is detrimental to the community both in quality of life and home values.

Working with our previous City Council member, we were able to avoid it, but it came back up under a new City Council member who was unfamiliar with the community opposition. My dogged phone calls and emails with City of Houston, City Council and PWE  and requests to other community leaders to do the same finally convinced Houston Public Works and Engineering to conduct a new traffic study which showed there was NOT a need to widen Antoine and now we just need approval from the Houston Galveston Area Council to alter the scope and it will be done.

Additional Background on why a new traffic study was needed:

From a June 2022 post from the Near Northwest Management District.

“The quarterly BNB was such a success! Special guest speaker, Casey Goforth, gave an informative presentation on behalf of Houston Public Works, about all the special projects taking place in the near future! 


The topic of the Antoine expansion starts at the 21 minute mark.

In short: The current funding is tied to expanding Antoine to 6 lanes and a new report is needed to change the project to 4 lanes.

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