Notes From Pro Public Education Groups Who Have Been Successful

Hey Y’all!

For those who don’t know me, I grew up in Ft Bend county, my family has been in Katy, TX for over 20 years, my children attend schools in Katy ISD.

I’ve been active in get out the vote and coordinated campaign initiatives since 2008, volunteered with non-partisan election protection groups, and this past fall I ran the voting center at the Katy Civic Center.

I’ve been doing community advocacy for over a decade, working with various local governments, local leaders and other key stakeholders to find compromises that benefit the community as a whole.

Last fall I spent hours speaking with leaders from groups in other districts who were successful in electing reasonable, pro public education candidates to their school board.

I wanted to share some of those notes here with the hope that others will find the information gleaned from successful groups helpful.

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