It’s time to register for your county convention.

Texas (and I’m sure most other states, too), it’s time to get registered for your county convention.

Go. Do it. Literally no one goes to these things and just assumes a party is a monolith. They are not.


The county convention is the first step in how political parties decide their platforms and rules. And it’s local. No travel required.

It’s also where State delegates are elected and sent to the state convention where state rules and platforms are voted on and national delegates are elected. National Delegates, pledged to a candidate based on primary results, vote for the presidential candidate who will represent the party on the national ballot. They also take the state platform to the national convention to work with other states to form the party platform. An “off cycle” (midterm) convention is an excellent way to get your feet wet and see what they’re all about.

Other parties follow the same general procedures.

Feel free to ask me any questions.