The Antoine Saga Reemerges

It’s a year into a global pandemic. My children have not returned to in-person school since they left for Spring Break 2020. We travel to the beach to try to find some semblance of normal for this year’s Spring Break. In-between dinner and bedtime I peek at my phone and see my friend’s notes on the City of Houston City Council meetings. Perfectly boring. Lovely. Except…

This issue will not stay resolved. Below are some of my notes to the community.

March 12, 2021

Apparently City Council is revisiting the widening of Antoine. 

Oak Forest, Mangum Manor, Super Neighborhood 12 and many other local stakeholders worked together six years ago to oppose it and the detriment to our area (quality of life as well as property values) if Antoine is expanded from 4 lanes to 6 is still a concern.

Please contact CM Kamin’s office to voice your opposition to widening Antoine.

Edit to add email info:

Details from 2015:

Nov 8, 2021

Hi Neighbors!

If you do not want to see Antoine EXPANDED to SIX lanes and the resulting decrease in standard of living and property values, please voice your opposition at the link below.

Apparently someone in public works is claiming they haven’t had any community opposition. If you do report, consider commenting below so we have documentation it is widely opposed by the community.

We can absolutely get updated sewers, better walkable streets and bike lanes without expanding car lanes.

Edit to add link to Rebuild Houston’s plans for six lanes on Antoine:…/antoine_presentation.pdf

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