How did I become a State Delegate?

The Democratic Party is not a monolith. Source: my participation as a State Delegate at the Democratic State Convention 2018, 2020. How did I become a State Delegate? I signed up to attend the senate district convention (in Texas they happen in March). I opted-in to being considered for the role of State Delegate (you […]

My Campaign for 2020 National Delegate

I have worked and volunteered for two decades to advocate for underrepresented populations. As your delegate, I will use my years of community and consensus building experience to ensure our collective voice is heard. Locally, I have served on neighborhood, super neighborhood and PTO boards, volunteered for progressive candidates up and down the ballot, and […]

Second Democratic County Convention

Friendly reminder that if you don’t like the establishment, join it and change it from within. “For the first time, the Harris County Democratic Party will host a County Convention on Saturday, March 21, 2020…at the George R. Brown Convention Center. Anyone that votes in the Democratic Primary can be credentialed to attend our County […]

First Democratic County Convention

Change starts on the ground. I commend all those marching today. My heart is with you. This morning I’m participating in a party convention that was unable to be moved to another date. Turnout is very low. I know part of it is the march, but I also understand participation wanes in “off cycle” years. […]