Presented as a part of Performance Studies international conference (PSi14) in Copenhagen, Denmark on August 23, 2008.

In PaperDoll, the artist will explore her own perpetual interregnum through a durational performance piece. The piece will explore the states between performer and audience, between creator and consumer, created and consumed. Between elected and imposed identities. Between nationalities and ethnicities. Between gender and social roles.

Taking inspiration from the visual art format of paper dolls that could be dressed up in any manner the user wished, the artist would similarly allow herself to be “dressed up” by the audience/participants. Starting from plain foundation garments, the artist will take her dress-up cues from paper dolls that the audience will be invited to dress up. They will be provided with paper
dolls representing the artist and paper clothing options representing clothing the artist has brought to dress up in. After a participant dresses up their doll, they may then offer it to the artist for her to recreate. Participants will be able to keep their paper doll kit.

See video from the performance here.

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