Style and Line Editing

I hold a Master of Arts in International Communications. The bedrock of this field is understanding that successful communication includes both what you intend to communicate and how your audience perceives it. I work with authors to help ensure what you intend to communicate is shining through. My editing process includes feedback on continuity and flow, while simultaneously identifying a work’s natural style guidelines.

Previously, I have worked with creators and publishers in the gaming industry and for fantasy and YA authors.

Services Included for Editing:

  • Open and ongoing dialogue with the author/creator.
  • Two rounds of edits (one style/line and one copy).


Estimates are based on an hourly rate, word count and pages per hour.

  • 5,000 – 10,000 words = $100
  • 10,001 – 30,000 words = $425
  • 30,001 – 60,000 words = $825
  • 60,001 – 100,000 words = $1350
  • 100,000 + words = $1350 (base price) + hourly rate

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